Information about Sport Horse Marketplace


Who We Are

Sport Horse Marketplace was created to make the process of buying and selling horses easier by focusing on quality horses, affordable listings, and leveraging data to make the best buying and selling decision. We cater to both buyers and sellers by allowing horse ads and in-search-of (ISO) listings. Now, you don't have to choose between sacrificing your finances or personal privacy to get in the marketplace.

Sport Horse Marketplace - for the love of horses!

Our Story

Hi, I'm Jenna, founder of Sport Horse Marketplace. I created Sport Horse Marketing after going through process of selling and buying a horse. Even though there are some good platforms out there, I felt that more often than not, I was coming across expensive options, limited data, difficulty managing ads, and personal online data privacy concerns. 

I created Sport Horse Marketplace so equestrians could have the best online experience while buying and selling horses, and empowering both sides of the market to make data-driven decisions without breaking the bank.

Ride on!

Our Mission

Sport Horse Marketplace is dedicated helping the equestrian community buy and sell quality sport horses with data and passion, and without additional costs or compromising personal privacy. 


Horses are an investment, but your online search shouldn't be. Introductory listing pricing is $5/week. Ads can expire after 6 months, but easy to renew. 

Need help managing/posting ads? We can create and manage ads for you! Starting at $10. Contact me for for information at

Contact Us

Questions, comment, feature request, report a bug, or want to say hi? Reach out to me at